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Engage International sessions provide a set of tools and skills you can continue to use on your own long after the sessions have concluded.  Our ultimate goal is to support you in achieving your goals and addressing challenges along the way.  To ensure participants are equipped to reach their goals requires client commitment and effort, including completing session specific pre-readings and follow-up action items, as each session builds off of the last.  Our group programs are a place for active learning and support; this type of group environment necessitates active group discussion and peer feedback.  Be prepared to share and support.

Individual Sessions

Working on a strict timeline?  Need focused, intensive support?  Individual sessions allow for a more customized client experience; they provide the ability for the client to set an agenda to focus on their most pressing challenges and goals.  Based on an initial strategy session, a personalized plan is created for you that best addresses your specific needs and time frames.

Sessions include:

  • Initial strategy session
  • Pre-readings relevant to upcoming sessions
  • Key questions to answer prior to the session to allow us to get the most of our time together
  • Sessions can be delivered via phone, Skype, Google+, etc.
  • Action items to be completed between sessions utilizing new insights and tools
  • Email support as needed between sessions

For more information on individual sessions, please email for further details.

Group Programs

Sustainability Engagement Success group coaching program – Based on our signature system, this program is designed to walk you through each part of the process with clear steps, concrete tools, and experienced guidance combined with knowledge sharing and networking with other sustainability professionals.

Engage International’s 12-step system is delivered by focusing on three specific topic areas that include developing strategy, program implementation as well as, monitoring, evaluation and reporting; it is designed to provide the necessary tools and skills needed to create and deliver relevant employee engagement for sustainability programming.

Sessions include:

  • Pre-readings relevant to upcoming session
  • Key questions to answer prior to the session to allow us to get the most of our time together
  • Sessions are delivered via webinar that include smaller group break out discussions
  • Knowledge sharing and peer support
  • Take Action Toolkit items to be completed between sessions drawing on new insights and tools
  • Weekly group support through an online discussion platform

Upcoming Group Program:  Sustainability Engagement Success – Critical steps to inspire employee engagement in sustainability.  For more information on group programs, please email for further details.

Sustainability Engagement Networking Discussion (SEND) Series

The Sustainability Engagement Network Discussion (SEND) Series is a partnership between Engage International and the Sustainability Learning Centre that supports an amazing network of Sustainability Practitioners using peer learning to accelerate employee engagement for sustainability.  Monthly community discussions are held to delve into common challenges and to explore best practice.  If you are interested in participating in our ongoing sustainability engagement discussions, please feel free to check out some of our previous SEND posts and get in touch for more information.