Customized Sustainability Employee Engagement Coaching

Take the guesswork out of program planning.  Follow our  CONCRETE STEPS to more effectively engage employees in sustainability.

Our Step-by-Step System Customized to Your Organization’s Unique Context

Create a sustainability employee engagement program that is strategic, mobilizing and measurable.  Let us walk you through it. 

Engage International’s easy to follow system provides you with a nuts and bolts, how-to guide of experienced strategies to increase your programming success. 

  • Looking to implement an employee engagement for sustainability program specific to your company’s context, needs and goals?
  • No idea where to start?
  • Tired of figuring it out as you go?
  • Searched online for how to guides and not found anything useful?
  • Have you exhausted all of the popular sustainability event and initiative ideas and are not sure what to do next?
  • Has your program fizzled out over time and you want to revive it?
  • Are you looking for more program support from leadership and management?
  • Are you trying to run your program on an extremely constrained budget?
  • Wondering how to harness existing grassroots efforts into a strategic and coordinated effort to meet corporate goals?
  • You are not alone.  We can help. 

Our Signature System

Our signature system is designed to walk you through each part of the process with clear steps, concrete tools, and experienced guidance combined with knowledge sharing and networking with other sustainability professionals. Engage International offers a system that focuses on three areas:

  1. Developing strategy
  2. Program implementation
  3. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

What are some of the topics that we will cover? 

  • Assessing organizational needs and context, including internal scans, visioning, employee surveys
  • Aligning program with corporate goals with regional and local efforts
  • Identifying strategic sustainability engagement goals and priorities
  • Mapping out program coordination frameworks
  • Annual plans including program plans, communications and marketing, budgeting, etc.
  • Planning program activities, events and materials development
  • Tracking, measuring and reporting on progress including and how to enhance your system

What can you expect from our customized program?

  • Customized coaching sessions are 60-90 mins and designed specifically to your company context, sustainability goals and time frames
  • Program delivered online via webinar format and through Engage International’s membership area of our website
  • Planning guides with key questions to allow us to make the most of our time together
  • Tool kit of resources that support and reflect what is covered in each session
  • Action items to be completed between sessions drawing on new insights and tools
  • Email support for all team members between sessions
  • A 90 minute team support follow-up meeting within 8 weeks of the last group coaching session
  • Create your own Sustainability/Green Team handbook, a comprehensive guide with templates  (This resource has been described as “pure gold”)


Program Results

After completing the weekly group sessions and assigned activities, you will have the skills and tools to assemble a clear, strategic and implementable plan to create a program that:

  • Builds the foundation for a program with results that are strategic, mobilizing and measurable.
  • Encourages leadership involvement, understanding and support.
  • Inspires employee participation that will not fizzle out over time.
  • Revives existing programs with renewed focus, direction and enthusiasm.
  • Enhances a new employee engagement for sustainability program that is equipped for success.
  • Establishes a more coordinated path to achieving program goals.
  • Allows the program to be closely aligned with corporate, regional and local goals.
  • Proactively addresses common sustainability engagement program obstacles and challenges
  • Allows you to do more in less time; clear and focused priorities take the guesswork out of program planning.

Why our System Works

Engage International’s system works because we focus on…
  • Clarity.  Our steps help you to get clear, focused and strategic with sustainability engagement.
  • Relevance.  Local context is a key factor when developing and delivering sustainability engagement programs; our system works for each organization depending on their goals, needs and culture.
  • Scalability.  We work through scale on two levels.  1. Keeping programming relevant at the local level and corporate level; it’s a necessity.  2. The larger the organization, the more complex coordination becomes.  We believe you can keep locations connected, aligned and that doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Flexibility.  Keeping programming “goal strategic”, but “activity flexible”, creates the space for locally driven initiatives where employees are given ownership and creative license.
  • Materiality.  Building a foundation of tangible metrics and results that link directly to program objectives and organizational goals provides more traction within an organization.

Why Engage International?

I have been where you are.

My experiences have run the gamut of starting programs with few resources and little support to working with organizations that afforded substantial budgets and generous support.  I have worked in smaller organizations with less complicated contexts, but also larger organizations with complex internal structure and diverse geographical locations.

For many years, my work was focused on how to effectively incorporate unique organizational contexts, grassroots efforts and meaningful employee participation, with the alignment of corporate goals with regional and local efforts.  The good news is it can be done and I’m providing an opportunity to share with you what I’ve learned.

What’s my super power?  (You know we all have them.)  My superpower is the ability to take complex or high level strategies and develop them into focused, coordinated, practical and actionable sustainability engagement programs.

While I love big picture planning, I’m also a serial “let’s get things done” kind of gal.  I believe there is a solution to any challenge and I LOVE figuring out how to make things happen and that allows me to work through logistics and coordination frameworks like a champ.

I look forward to helping you through the process of navigating your organizations unique path.

What organizations would benefit from our program?

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get the tools, guidance and knowledge sharing experience you have been looking for. Our program would benefit organizations who are:  

  • want to work with employees to improve upon organizational  sustainability related performance
  • ready to look at their typical challenges and program planning with new eyes
  • wanting to build their capacity to develop an exciting and relevant employee engagement program including yearly planning, materials development and event/activity delivery
  • are looking to better coordinate current sustainability efforts and strategically plan and focus these efforts on achieving organizational goals
  • “Wendy is able to take complex sustainability objectives and strategies and create practical employee engagement programs. Wendy is undoubtably a leader in this field.”
    Kathryn Cooper, President , The Sustainability Learning Centre
    “Wendy is able to help me implement large scale initiatives and to think strategically. She has proven invaluable to my organization(s).”
    Reid Ridgway, Environmental Communications, Watershed Communications
    “I look forward to working with Wendy again in the future, her dedication to sustainability engagement and education is infectious, and I hope everyone catches it, just as I did.”
    Lisa S, Sustainability Professional

For more information  

Our customized program costs will vary depending on your organization’s needs and goals.  To find out more about how we can help or discuss  any additional questions you may have, please get in touch.

Wendy Firlotte
Sustainability Engagement Specialist
Engage International
USA (+1) 202-386-6353
Costa Rica (+506) 8712-9530


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