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Wendy has developed, implemented and coordinated sustainability employee education and engagement programs for national and multinational firms. She is a scientist, environmental manager and certified instructional designer, holding a master’s degree in sustainable development, focused on sustainability education and engagement.

Strengthen Buy-in, Implementation and Measurement with Benchmarking and Rating Systems

With strategy in hand, how do we effectively plan, coordinate and manage program implementation? What kind of coordination systems could act as the glue to hold it all together? Whether your organization is just starting a sustainability employee engagement program or currently has one that is in need of some revitalization, benchmarking and office rating systems are [...]

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Reporting on Sustainability Employee Engagement: Purpose and Content

To follow the topic of the last post on Tracking and Measuring Sustainability Employee Engagement, we will focus on the next step, reporting. The information we collect to track and measure progress is not only useful for your organization’s sustainability report, which will likely only highlight a fraction of the information collected, but also to inform [...]

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Tracking and Measuring Sustainability Employee Engagement

Tracking and measurement of a sustainability engagement program can be challenging and is fairly common for organizations to struggle with this. Creating a process for continual reflection, evaluation, learning and improvement could greatly increase the effectiveness of your sustainability engagement program. From a measurement standpoint, we aim to create a monitoring framework that is measurable [...]

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Communicating About Sustainability with Front Line Employees

How to effectively communicate with and engage frontline staff is a common concern for many organizations. It is particularly challenging to reach staff that are regularly out in the field or do not have immediate access to computers at work. Front line staff communication approaches can vary significantly within an organization, either by targeting specific [...]

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Employee Participation in Sustainability: Addressing Barriers and Competing Priorities

What Drives Participation?  Increasing employee involvement in workplace programs can be challenging, especially if programs are informal and voluntary. So, let’s ask the obvious question, what drives participation? What motivates people to get involved in workplace programs? Motivation and enthusiasm of course varies somewhat for each individual, but some influential factors can be workplace culture, [...]

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Integrating Sustainability Employee Engagement into Operations

Integrating sustainability engagement leverages financial resources and employee time. What do we mean by integrating sustainability engagement?  When a company begins implementing new sustainability related programming, it is often seen as something new and perhaps standalone; yet one more thing that employees are expected to do in their already busy day. Ideally, the long-term [...]

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Creating a Strategy for Engaging Employees in Sustainability

Strategy harnesses our efforts to be more focused, mobilizing and measurable. Strategy harnesses our efforts to be more focused, mobilizing and measurable.  Start strong and set your program up for success...and let’s be honest, strategic planning just makes everything else easier.  Don’t we all want our efforts to be more focused, mobilizing and [...]

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