About Engage International

Concrete Steps. Coaching. Toolkits. Community.  A global resource for corporate sustainability engagement professionals viagra generika online bestellen schweiz.

Engage International assists clients in making their employee engagement for sustainability programming goals happen.  A proven combination of clarity, direction, focus, concrete tools, community support and real actionable frameworks takes the guesswork out of program planning and delivery.

Our customized and group sessions are formulated with clear steps to provide solid groundwork to innovate and spark employee engagement in sustainability.  Whether developing a new program or revitalizing an existing one, clients are inspired to create useful, exciting and integrated engagement programs that are strategic, mobilizing and measurable.

Why our system works

Clarity.  Our steps help you to get clear, focused and strategic with sustainability engagement.

Relevance.  Local context is a key factor when developing and delivering sustainability engagement programs; our system works for each organization depending on their goals, needs and culture.

Scalability.  We work through scale on two levels.  1. Keeping programming relevant at the local level and corporate level; it’s a necessity.  2. The larger the organization, the more complex coordination becomes.  We believe you can keep locations connected, aligned and that doesn’t have to be complicated.

Flexibility.  Our system is based on “strategic flexibility”. Keeping programming “goal strategic”, but “activity flexible”, creates the space for locally driven initiatives where employees are given ownership and creative license.

Materiality.  Building a foundation of tangible metrics and results that link directly to program objectives and organizational goals provides more traction within an organization.


Wendy works with clients to create sustainability engagement programs for their employees.  With concrete “how-to” steps, she helps companies effectively incorporate their unique organizational context, goals and grassroots efforts with meaningful employee participation. Wendy has developed, implemented and coordinated successful sustainability employee education and engagement programs for national and multinational firms.  She is a scientist, environmental manager and certified instructional designer, holding a master’s degree in sustainable development, focused on sustainability education and engagement. 

I have been where you are.  My experiences have run the gamut of starting programs with few resources and little support to working with organizations that afforded substantial budgets and generous support.  I have worked in smaller organizations with less complicated contexts, but also larger organizations with complex internal structure and diverse geographical locations.

My work focuses on how to effectively incorporate unique organizational contexts, grassroots efforts and meaningful employee participation, with the alignment of corporate goals with regional and local efforts.  The good news is it can be done and I’m providing an opportunity to share with you what I’ve learned.

 Wendy Firlotte
Wendy FirlotteLeader in Corporate Sustainability Employee Engagement

What’s my super power?  (You know we all have them.)  My superpower is the ability to take complex or high-level strategies and develop them into focused, coordinated, practical and actionable sustainability engagement programs.

While I love big picture planning, I’m also a serial “let’s get things done” kind of gal.  I believe there is a solution to any challenge and I LOVE figuring out how to make things happen and that allows me to creatively and effectively navigate through logistics and coordination frameworks.

I look forward to helping you through the process of navigating your organization’s unique path.